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Gathering Manifestation of Sovereignty


Developed and conceived within Indian Country, Indigenexus serves its own community by reinforcing the decades old call for tribal American self-reliance through self-sufficient commerce.  Beyond casinos, we envision a future sustained on sovereign transactions on and off reservation.


Understanding the rapidly changing world of consumer spending and payment processing - as a result of the constant technological advances throughout the consumer directed experience - Indigenexus has forged a truly sovereign business exclusively centered around tribal governments, businesses and their communities at large. Agnostically partnered with the world’s largest payment processors; next-gen technology innovators; and leading slot manufacturers; there is no aspect of Indian gaming today - or tomorrow - that Indigenexus isn’t integral.


This we share with our Indian Country. Together.


Our core services include merchant acquiring and processing; credit and prepaid card issuance; smart technology platform solutions; robust consumer data and business IQ analytics; end-to-end transactional security; painless integration conversion; cashless deposit and spend options for patrons; those crucial aspects in an age of ever-condensing digital consumer ecosystems where accessibility and freedom of friction determine consumer retention - and engagement.


In the thirty years since the passage of IGRA, the approximately four hundred and sixty tribally-owned and operated casinos have steadily grown into what is now a $28b a year revenue industry - a testament to the legacy of our people's tenacity.  Collectively, this truly sovereign industry has issued, today, approximately eighty million monthly active loyalty cards, employs millions of natives and non-natives alike, has actively sustained thriving autonomous economies of small businesses; and has, most importantly, allowed for many of our indigenous Americans to prosper from one generation to the next.


Indigenexus envisions an Indian Country that thrives by gathering our collective manifestation of sovereignty, leveraging our autonomous successes, and continuing to protect the future of our people.


For our people tomorrow. For us today.


Indigenexus is Indian Country's largest payment processing services business, exclusively tribally-owned and operated; solely focused on serving tribal governments and tribal businesses.


Our exclusive partnerships with global-leading payment processors, slot machine manufacturers, and new tech innovators allows for Indigenexus to offer our clients the most-cost efficient pricing available while maintaining the integrity of tribal values.


We are an agile and focused team with substantial US public company resources at our disposal, allowing for our relationship capital to become our clients' leverage in making the most meaningful impact to their bottom lines - reducing fees, increasing revenue. Plain and simple.


Because we are tribal; we understand tribal sovereignty. A claim no third-party or independent sales organization (ISO) can make.


Our belief is despite the successes of Indian Gaming on a whole, too much money is being left on the table at tribes' expense; we strongly feel that tribes, themselves, should retain as much of the revenue generated by those transactions occurring within their operations - whether in or outside the casino, at the gas pump, or in the outlet mall - because, quite simply put, without our tribal operations, those transaction wouldn’t exist in the first place.


In this effort, Indigenexus can make an immediate impact with turn-key, fully-regulated efficiency.


Our core services include:

* merchant acquiring and processing

* credit and prepaid card issuance

* smart technology platform solutions

* robust consumer data and business IQ analytics

* end-to-end transactional security

* painless integration conversion

* cashless deposit and spend options for patrons


Indigenexus is culturally-centered commerce. Communally connected. Join us in the gathering manifestation of sovereignty and we welcome to share our vision with you in person.



Rico Jeffrey Garcia


Rico Jeffrey Garcia is a thirty-five year old serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and art collector. He is an enrolled member of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and Principal Partner, CEO of Indigenexus, a technology hub at the intersection of consumer card issuance and mobile and traditional payment-processing that operates from a vantage point only understood from within Indian Country.


Raised on the small San Manuel Indian Reservation in Southern California, Rico experienced first hand the massive transformation his tribe’s gaming operation had on his family and his reservation. From a young age, he understood the gravity of the complex geo-political and social-economical forces at play. Influenced by the almost yearly milestones of his tribe’s success, it became evident to him that gaming was not simply a legacy but rather a stepping-stone to bigger, more complex things. With this idea in his mind, he opted not to pursue his higher education upon graduating high school, but instead, Rico Jeffrey Garcia choose to follow his passion for fine art – leaving his tribe’s reservation and the place he called home for his entire childhood.


His unique experience first began as a working artist and then, rather accidentally, as the owner of Urban Earth Gallery in Corona Del Mar, California in early 2003. Simultaneously, the same year proved to be a catalytic year for Rico as he also began serving as the CEO and Chairman of an investment consultancy, Indigenous Wealth Consulting, specializing in institutional finance for Native Sovereign Nations. In this capacity, Rico traveled the world, propelling the presence of his clients to Europe, Asia, and Latin America eventually resulting in his hiring, at the age of twenty-six, as the Managing Director of Global Business Development for the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.


As Managing Director for San Manuel, he was charged with the responsibility of overseeing all investments, endowments, and other economic matters derived from the tribe's casino in Highland, California - in addition to managing a team of investment and finance specialists.


In 2008, Rico felt that he had accomplished much but one thing still eluded him - his desire to study at a leading institution of higher learning. On a whim, he blindly applied to Columbia University - always wanting to live in Manhattan - and two months later, he was accepted to Columbia University.


But, being the ambitious man that he is, the student life did not dampened his knack for business or his desire to make a meaningful imprint on the world. Alongside his wife, Michelle, the couple own, operate, or are board members of various, highly distinct companies: Play Work Group, a creative branding agency in Manhattan; Sweetly Inked, a contemporary lifestyle brand; Bronzed Bunny, a luxury boutique spray tanning and health salon in Costa Mesa and Los Angeles; Sao Acai, a new generation health cafe in Culver City.


Furthermore, Rico as serves as the Chairman of Best Served Cold Productions – a film house specializing in low-budget theatrical films; “They’re Watching” being his first executively produced feature film, which was released March 23 in theaters and on-demand and currently streaming on Netflix.


In addition, Rico has served as a member of the Foundation Board of SoCal PBS from 2008-2012; is a former member of the Operating Board of First Nations Experience (FNX), the country's first all-native programming television station from inception to 2014; is a current member of the Board of Governors and Investment Board of Chapman University; as well as a Board Member of the Museum of Latin American Art.


In September 2011, he was presented with the 30 Under 30 Latino / Native American Achievement Award by California Assembly Member Wilmer Amina Carter, 62nd District for his sustained entrepreneurial efforts and role as a leader within his communities.


Rico, his wife, and their two young children split their time between Orange County, California and New York City.

Robert J. Estrada Jr. has spent over 20 years in Corporate America assuming several high sales position roles.  Currently, he is serves as a Principal Partner and the CSO (Chief Strategic Officer) of Indigenexus, a technology-driven payment processing services business that intersects consumer card issuance, traditional and mobile payment-processing, and real-money gambling exclusively within - and for -Indian Country.


Born and raised in Southern California, Robert grew up in the mid-city of Los Angeles and is Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe decent.  He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from California State University, Fullerton, during which time Robert took on many leadership roles such as founding father of the local Delta Chi Fraternity in addition to leading the set up of various new Equal Opportunity Programs.


In 1998, Robert started his career at Pepsi Corporation in sales and quickly became a top sales representative, cementing a highly productive career in sales. After receiving many awards including highest distribution of Aquafina upon its launching, he moved his sales career to his passion: technology.


In the early 2000’s, Robert was instrumental in helping Nextel Communications - at the time, a new start-up technology company forging new territory in the nascent mobile space - grow their initial sales initiatives, quickly being promoted to Enterprise Executive and, subsequently, Senior Public Sector Executive. Again he broke numerous sales records. Upon the Nextel/Sprint Custom Network integration - Robert was the first on the West Coast to help close and generate a landmark million-dollar agreement with Loyola Marymount University. Other highlights include: introducing mobile applications to the University of California Los Angeles to monitor their fleet vehicle’s; as well as introducing GPS applications for their entire maintenance fleet.


Robert was recognized and awarded by the President of Sprint Nextel by being the recipient of the Public Sectors Highest Achievements before moving to Time Warner Cable and then to co-found what is now Indigenexus.


Robert, his wife, and their two young children currently live in Chino Hills, CA.

Robert Estrada Jr.



Businesses embark on an incredible and unique journey with their customers. We step in and cover the last mile of a customer’s experience.


We get our clients across the finish line with fast, reliable, and secure payments solutions, allowing them to focus on the road ahead.


We started our journey in the gaming industry in 2009, with a focus on helping casinos and lotteries streamline payments acceptance for their guests. The explosive growth of gaming and entertainment has allowed us to expand our focus to emerging segments like  digital gaming, social casinos, and entertainment venues. For each of our gaming and entertainment clients, our goal remains the same – to simplify payments innovation in a secure and reliable fashion.


In 2013, Vantiv Entertainment Solutions was born as a subsidiary of its parent company Vantiv, Inc. Today our focus on diverse industry segments equates to a deep understanding of the unique complexities that gaming and entertainment operators face.

Sightline Payments is a Las Vegas-based leader in payment solutions for gaming companies. Our vision of the cashless future will allow gaming operators to operate like the vast majority of the U.S. economy, where payments are performed without cash. We believe electronic payments are safer, more cost effective, and more convenient for both gaming operators and gaming patrons. With Play+, we're helping the gaming industry realize the benefits of going cashless, and our work has been recognized by our peers with numerous industry awards, including the coveted "Most Innovative Gaming Technology Product of the Year."



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